How do I organize a Winning team in my church?

To organize a winning team in your church it is necessary to take into account:


1. Preferably each member of the team has a call to evangelism, because they will impart that evangelistic spirit to the other leaders.

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2. Assign a general coordinator of the winning stage per ministry. This person is responsible for everything planned and programmed in the area of winning.



3. Assign a coordinator of the winning stage for each team of 12. Together with the general coordinator they will plan evangelistic strategies and pray for the goals to be achieved. They take care of everything related to welcoming new people. They organize the new people’s personal data and motivate the other leaders to look after the new believers in order to assign them to a cell group.

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4. These coordinators will also make sure the leaders call, visit, and follow up with each new believer in order for them to begin the consolidation process.

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teamwork is the key