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How do I successfully train cell group leaders?

The preparation of successful leaders does not begin with external things, but rather with the work we do within ourselves, when we allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us and reveal His perfect will to us.

It is important to understand that ministerial growth is not the result of applying some formula or following some steps in our own strength. All ministerial growth comes from God and is first achieved on a spiritual level.

do not be indiferent

1. Do not be indifferent: It is very important to feel genuine pain and great grief for the nation, a city, families, friends, neighbors and souls. We do not have to look far to see that our society lies in ruins: destroyed homes, abandoned children, violence, loneliness, moral problems, etc.

Right now maybe you are comfortable in your everyday life, but we constantly need to hear the cry of the people that are being very oppressed by the enemy.
The big question is: what will your reaction be? Will you be indifferent to what is happening or will you understand that God is calling you to restore the walls of your city. 

Accept your calling

2. Accept your calling: I believe that for none of us it is a secret that we are facing end times and at times like these there is no room for neutrality or lukewarmness.

Many assume their calling very lightly, postponing to commit to God’s work or they look at it without much interest in soul winning. But they do not realize that what they don’t do now, they probably will not be able to do later.

If you think that working in the ministry is not for you, we invite you to allow the Holy Spirit to fill your heart and reveal His purpose to you.

Many people in need are waiting for you to bring them a Word of hope!

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Have compassion for people

3. Have compassion for people: After the call comes action! Jesus was the first to feel compassion for people and the way in which he showed it was by personally meeting their needs. 

Compassion is not denying someone’s situation, but true compassion leads us to action. It leads us to do something to change the situation of those who are lost.

The greatest act of compassion is to carry the message of salvation to all who are lost.

Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life! And He himself will supply any need of the people.

Your mission is to preach and the Gospel. Always remember that your preaching can mean the difference between a soul that is condemned and one that is saved.

Understand that it is time to act

4. Understand that it is time to act: Some people think that it is not yet their time or that the circumstances are not right for them to become successful leaders. The same thing happened to the disciples of Jesus. However, the Lord's words were: "Even though you think you are not ready, I want to tell you that I already have prepared everything for you to bear fruit and be the best at it."

Don't wait any longer, the time to act is now!

Understand that the harvest is ready

5. Understand that the harvest is ready: It is common to hear people say that it is difficult to find good cell group leaders, but that is not true.

Jesus told his disciples that there was much fruit and that the only thing needed were people willing to carry the message!

Don't worry about the people who come to your cell group. Believe and declare that there is already a lot of fruit prepared for you!

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