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How do you organize a cell group?

It is important to know the step by step organization of a cell group and not change its purpose.

The most recommended order for a cell group is:


1. Welcome: Each attendee is greeted and asked how their week went.



2. Worship (10 minutes): It is good to have a moment of worship because this always opens the heavens and connects people's hearts with God.


Activity to break the ice

3. Activity to break the ice (5 minutes): This can be an anecdote or introductory activity that captures the attention of the people and connects them with the theme of the message. The idea is that it is something creative, simple and non religious.


Main message

4. Main Message (20 minutes): The preaching must be clear and simple. It has to be shared in such a way that the members of the cell group can understand it. It is essential to preach with authority and without fear. Ask questions to know if the people understood the message. The message must always be focused on the work of Jesus, on redemption and on what the Lord can do in the people’s life, speaking directly to their needs.

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Pray for the needs

5. Prayer for the needs (5 minutes): This is the moment to pray for the needs and requests of the attendees.


Prayer of salvation

6. Prayer of salvation (5 minutes): This is the moment to lead new attendees to repeat the prayer of faith, acknowledging their sins and accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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7. Offering (5 minutes): It is important that new believers learn about offering and tithing as soon as possible because this opens the door to God’s blessings in their lives.

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8. Fellowship (10 minutes): This is a moment to share a few small snacks and allow everyone in the cell group to strengthen their friendships.

duration of a cell group



Be faithful in organizing your cell group.