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How do you work as a team in consolidation?

For the consolidation stage to be effective, it is good to encourage and teach each member of the cell group to live it as a lifestyle.

In Acts 4:32-37 we see how the number of disciples was growing and how the teamwork of all the disciples made it possible that every new believer was consolidated in the church. Later on in Acts 6:1-7 when a necessity presented at church, it was supplied immediately thanks to the teamwork promoted by the main 12 disciples. The task of retain the fruit at church requires great effort and therefore teamwork from many persons aiming for the same goal. Here are some tips to work as a team while consolidating. 




1. Each member must be a collaborator in God’s work. (1 Corinthians 3:11)

Each leader that participates in the process of consolidation must understand that he is serving the Lord and that more than helping the church or a ministry in particular, he is being a collaborator of God that helps to achieve his biggest goal, that is to say the new believer, so he must understand also that he will receive the reward from the Lord.


2. Each member of the team must be willing to withhold the fruit. (John 15:16)

Each person that belongs to a team must be convinced that God put him there to be fruitful and to withhold that fruit. The word of God says that there is fruit in every labor, and we must believe that God will give fruit to the hard work and persistence focused on taking care of the new believer.


3. Each member of the team must understand the importance of bringing and encouraging the new believers to be effective leaders. (Matthew 28:19)

One of the goals that the consolidation team pursues is to make each new believer a genuine disciple. Having this into account, each call, each visit, each cell group and contact made with the new believer must have the specific intention of constantly influencing with principles that help the new believer to become a disciple of Jesus.


4. The team must be one of prayer for the people that the lord has put under our care. (Acts 1:14 / Acts 2:42)

The primitive church gave birth to a great harvest of new believers through prayer, but these same persons were held in place also because of prayer. It’s imperative that there’s an interceding team chosen specifically to pray  for the new believers from the church because it is a completely spiritual matter. Amongst the consolidation team, the interceding group plays a more important part because of the powerful influence that prayer is.


5. A team that feels the responsibility of supplying the needs of the new believers and always focuses on their restoration. 

Paul managed to form a team of leaders that would join him to consolidate some disciples that had been won. His compassion for these new believers made him come back to them to supply the needs they could be having at that moment. This perspective brought the anointing needed so that this team could strengthen these disciples.


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