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How does the multiplication of a cell group take place?

Multiplication in a cell group is a supernatural process produced by the Holy Spirit.

As a leader, you will be the one being multiplied (agent of change) and the Holy Spirit will be the multiplier (supernatural agent).

By working hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, we can obtain multiplication and growth.

Growth comes as a product of our specific prayers and our strategic work to achieve our goals.


Characteristics of a cell group

To achieve the desired growth you must:

1. Focus on the strategy that God gives you: God will give you a divine strategy.
Remember: a strategy is received in the secret place. Work with that strategy with all your heart.

2. Have weekly goals: Just as you determine to meet goals in your study, work and in each area of ​​your life, define with the Lord how many souls you would like to win each week.

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3. Visualize how many people you want to win: Remember that visualization is a fundamental aspect of any conquest.
You cannot conquer what you have not first seen in the spiritual world.

4. Establish times of fasting and intercession for the people who attend your cell group: Many leaders have put this aside and are not willing to pay a price for souls.
Make a decision to return to that first love and not to lose a single one of the people who come to your cell group.

5. Develop effective evangelistic activities: New people will not want to get involved with the things of God if we present them in a religious and cold way.
All activities should focus on demonstrating God's love and genuine concern for each person.

6. Maintain a level of excellence: You cannot start with courage, preparing every detail of your cell group and then lose that level of excellence.
One of the characteristics of a soul winner is excellence.

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7. Do not be discouraged: Many times the enemy brings discouragement and this makes us lose the power to conquer.

Don't fall into that trap! Every leader should always stay highly motivated, filled with the Word and active in prayer.

Always maintain a spirit of conquest and joy, fully confident that the Lord chose you to be the best leader.

8. Do not lose a single sheep: In the parable of the lost sheep we see that when the shepherd lost one of his sheep, he did not remain satisfied with the 99, but he left them to catch up with the one that had been lost. We should have the same attitude! We must understand that there is nothing more valuable to God than a soul and we must be fully committed to not lose a single person that comes to the cell group.

“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?”

(Luke 15:4)


How to reproduce the cell group?

The process of reproduction (or multiplication) comes when the cell group has enough members so that another equally strong cell group can start next to it.
As long as the cell group has grown enough (an average of 20 people), it is best to reproduce it and convert it into two cell groups. This allows each cell group to continue to have a family atmosphere and to meet the personal needs of each attendee.

At that time, the new leader of the second cell group chooses a Timothy in order to continue reproducing the cell group.

In this way, growth becomes exponential and multiplication reaches new levels!
The main leader must be very sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit in order to understand when the cell group should multiply. He also should be very attentive to the development of the new cell group and verify whether it is a faithful reproduction of what he has worked on.


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