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How has the G12 Vision developed in the world?

Today the G12 Vision is effectively lived around the world thanks to the teamwork and faith of many Pastors who have joined the great dream of flooding the world with the gospel.

For more than 30 years, nearly 35 countries and more than 10,200 churches around the world have experienced the growth and multiplication of their members through the G12 Vision.


Each of these ministries today enjoy exponential growth and a solid structure to make every member a leader.

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The G12 Vision is reigniting its flame in the old continent where 3 conferences are held each year. At this moment, 9 countries and more than 37 churches are living the Vision in Europe. We are witnessing the birth of a new generation of influential leaders who will further spread the Gospel and impact the nations of Europe.

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God has used the G12 Vision mightily on the Asian continent.

For example, the Philippines has become a shining benchmark nation and has been the epicenter of the largest number of people reached for Jesus at the G12 Conference in 2017, where more than 300,000 people were won. Since that year in this continent a powerful anointing of miracles, healings and multiplication has been unleashed in each of the churches.

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The G12 Vision has been a powerful weapon of conquest in the African continent.

In the nation of South Africa, by implementing the G12 Vision, more than 2,500 cell groups have been formed. There is a church with more than 30,000 active members and an annual conference where a supernatural power and an unprecedented exponential revival have been manifested that aims to reach all the African continent.

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The Lord has manifested Himself powerfully in North America through the G12 Vision. It is the epicenter of 3 annual conferences in places such as Miami, Los Angeles and Hawaii. It has had an impact on more than 51 churches, where thousands of families have been positively influenced and cities have experienced the Father's love and redemption.

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In the central part of the American Continent, the G12 Vision has been a tool that the Lord has used in a powerful way to positively impact each country, bringing unprecedented growth. The Vision is being lived in nations such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. These nations today are experiencing Jesus' love revolution.

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The G12 Vision has been the greatest gift of God for the South American continent. In countries such as Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil the churches are experiencing unprecedented growth. Winning souls and forming leaders has become their way of life, making South America the continent that exports the most missionaries around the world.

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