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How to have a successful cell group?

To have a cell group that grows and reproduces, the following aspects must be taken into account.


successful cell group

1. It is alive: This means that a cell group shows the power of God and not just words. A cell group is the perfect place to pray for the sick and the needs of the people every week.

2. It is dynamic: This speaks of creativity. The cell group must be pleasant for new people and must have simple (but powerful) messages that allow the people to understand and practice the principles of God’s Word.

3. It is done constantly: A cell group can only be successful when it is done every week.

4. It has regular attendees: It is true that many people come to a cell group, but the objective is not to have different people each week but that those who attend can stay and fulfill the purpose that God has for them.

5. He has new guests: The leader must always challenge himself so that there are new people. He himself must invite new people each week, but at the same time motivate the regular assistants of the cell group to do the same.

6. It is reported to the church: Reporting the cell group on a weekly basis is a fundamental principle because this allows the church to consolidate the information and to make a strategic follow-up to the growth and development in the church. The data that must be reported is: Name of the host, telephone number and address of the cell group, name of the cell group leader and the name of his direct leader, subject or title of the preaching and number of attendees specifying if they are men, women, youth and number of new people.

7. It has a good preaching of the Word: The leader must understand that each person entrusted to him by the Lord is a sheep and must take care of it as Jesus himself would take care of it.

That is why you should always prepare yourself to have a Word of power and wisdom that can impact your cell group.

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