How to receive an anointing to win souls?

The anointing to win souls comes through the Holy Spirit. Elisha was an example of this: he received the double portion of Elijah. When he spoke, His word was expressed with authority and power.


  1. When the leader knows what he is dealing with: A soul winner receives the anointing to win souls when he knows what he is dealing with. He confronts people with their spiritual condition and makes them see that they are dead in their sins and that the only one who can revive them is the Lord Jesus, who gave His life for them.
  2. When the leader understands the power of compassion: A leader needs to understand that God works in each person differently and that the salvation of souls will come when we cry out with all our hearts for their redemption. Then the anointing will become a part of our character. 
  3. When the leader uses common sense: A soul winner cannot be rooted in customs or methods. He needs to understand that miracles will happen in an extraordinary way through faith.
  4. When the leader conquers everything in prayer: When we talk to God in our secret place, we will receive a reward in public. It is important to keep praying until the miracle happens.
  5. When the leader transmits life through prayer: God wants us to identify with the spiritual need of our nation or city and lift up a cloud of prayer for them. We need to be determined to bring life to those who are far from God through prayer and preaching.
  6. When the leader knows the fundamental principles of soul winning: Soul winners receive anointing the moment they have contact with other people. They are able to tear down arguments and remove veils. People who do not know God have no vision. For this reason, through our vision, people receive spiritual vision. That is why it is important to have purity of lips. This means speaking a language of faith and persevering in prayer.
  7. When the leader has a new approach to people: When we speak with new people and listen to their needs, the anointing will come. We will bring answers from God according to their circumstances and this will lead people to long for the blessings that God has prepared for them.

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