How to win souls in the cell group?

In order to win souls in a cell group it is necessary to be very clear about the following aspects:

how to win


  1. Have a clear vision of your goals: It is important to pray in a specific way and that is why you need clear goals. Visualize the things you want to conquer, for example how many souls you want to win with your cell  group on a weekly basis.

  2. Have a burning desire to achieve your goals: You must have a burning desire in your heart without forgetting what you have asked for in prayer. Therefore you need to persevere in prayer until you  achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

  3. Pray until you see receive faith: When you receive the substance of faith, you legitimately become the owner of everything you have visualized. To obtain this substance you must live a life of constant prayer and visualize your goals. Quality time with God is required. Once you have received the substance of faith, you must thank God for the miracle. Keep confessing the miracle and expect it to happen.

  4. Show faith by confessing the Word: In order to have the certainty of your miracle, you must confess it daily with joy in your heart, despite any adversity. One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate your faith is through the confession of the promises that God has given you.

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