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Is good preaching within the cell group important?

Preaching within a cell group is very important. Being a preacher of the gospel is one of the greatest privileges that anyone in this world can have.

Being chosen to preach is equivalent to being chosen by God to represent him before the people. Every teaching that we share, according to the degree of responsibility we have, becomes spiritual food for others.
The preaching of the Word in a cell group is much more than just sharing a message. It is being a channel where the river of life can flow through God’s message. God is very careful that His river only flows through clean and holy people. For this reason, God has to sanctify the life of the one who is sharing the message.
The preacher must begin with the preparation of his teaching on a spiritual level. The following aspects will help you to prepare a message according to God’s purpose:

1. Get into the habit of constantly studying God’s Word, dividing it by bible books, chapters, and verses.

2. Always prepare a message thinking about applying it to your own life.

3. Memorize all the texts because this helps you to share the message with authority before the public.

4. Use the dictionary to accurately learn some terms and their synonyms of words you are going to use during the preaching.

Outline the preaching according to the following items:


1. Title: Keep a title short and let it summarize the topic of the preaching.


2. Objective: With the certainty that rhema word from God, preach with all your faith, knowing that the message will meet the needs of the people.


3. Introduction: An introduction gives a short outline of the content through an illustration that captivates the attention of the people.

Biblical Text

4. Biblical Text: Define the central biblical reference.


Major Divisions
5. Major Divisions: Create an outline that helps develop the sermon in a logical way. Share points that the people can easily remember. Some experts recommend using no more than three to five points during a preaching.

6. Conclusion: Share a brief summary of the above, trying to make the listener remember the different points that were discussed.

7. Application: If the preaching does not have an application to the current situation, it loses its fundamental essence, which is to turn the promises of God into a word of life for those who hear it.

On the other hand, do not forget to handle the scriptures correctly, selecting the biblical texts, examining the context, identifying the dominant characteristics and considering the scriptures in a general way so as not to neglect other passages that are closely related to the main theme of the message you are preparing. 

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1. Maintain your personality: Be yourself; do not pretend to be like others.

2. Live what you preach: The listeners should see you as an example worth following.

3. Be clear, concise and precise: Share your message in a simple way and don’t be complicated or confusing. 

4. Speak naturally: Speak as you usually do at home. Do not shout because people may feel afraid. Do also not speak too quietly because this can bore the people. Always preach with all your heart.

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Preaching is the power