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What are the characteristics of a coordinator of consolidation?

The characteristics of a coordinator of consolidation should be:

1. A person that preferably has a pastor’s calling. (Isaiah 40:11)


The heart of a pastor is essential to coordinate the area of consolidation in a church because the ability to take care of newborn sheep is one that is only given by the lord Jesus, the prince of shepherds. The coordinator of the area of consolidation must look after all the fruit of the ministry and the training of the consolidation team, and who else better than one with the heart of a pastor?


2. Hardworking when serving. (Joshua 1:1)


Joshua was described as the servant of Moses. Before assuming leadership, Joshua was described as a servant, someone that was willing to take a secondary place, hidden, while Moses was the visible one. Coordinating the area of consolidation is a constant service to all the persons in the church, the leadership, the new people, but mostly it is a service to God.


3. The coordinator must characterize for his compassion, attention and care towards the new believers. (Matthew 9:35-36)


One of the motivations Jesus had to shape disciples was the compassion for the crowds. A coordinator of the consolidation area must have a compassionate heart for those that are just getting to know the Lord. This will lead him to pray for workers and to prepare the best to withhold the fruit of the ministry.


4. Must be a committed leader true to the vision. (2 Timothy 2:2)


Faithfulness is essential because as coordinator of consolidation this person will be in charge of two big responsibilities. In one hand the new people Jesus spilled his blood for, and in the second hand prepare the workers that are going to withhold that fruit. To accomplish this great work faithfulness, paying attention to details, having Excellence, being committed and in occasions giving the extra mile is required so that work is done properly.


5. Must be a person of faith and vision to accomplish the challenges and goals set. (John 4:34-39)


You must do this work with vision, believing that God has set apart a big harvest and that your labor is to prepare and train workers to gather that harvest. Having vision help us to see through the eyes of the spirit the fruit and therefore reach our goals.


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