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What are the main roles within a cell group?

In a cell group we find different roles that it are important to identify. Host, Leader, Timothy and Guests



1. Host: The host is the one who offers his home to carry out the cell group. He must understand the importance of his role, because he is in charge of preparing the place so that the cell group is orderly and comfortable.

2. Leader: The leader is the person qualified to lead the cell group and who shares the message of salvation.

3. Timothy - (Assistant): A Timothy is the leader's right hand and the one who prepares himself to lead a second cell group when the first one grows and multiplies.

He is attentive to every detail and together with the leader he carries out evangelistic activities to bring in new assistants every week.

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4. Guests: They are all the people that we invite to listen to the message of salvation and participate in a cell group.

It is important that the leader, the Timothy and the host are committed to the Vision of the church and that they work together in fasting and prayer in order to create the spiritual environment within the cell group. It is also important to identify the different people in a cell group because each one has an important role.

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