What are the Post-Encounter classes?

The post-encounter has four specific classes that prepare the hearts of those attending the encounter after this experience in order to affirm their walk in Christ.

The post-Encounter classes are:

1. The Secret that will transform your Life: It is about the invitation to be a friend of GOD and to eat at His table. The goal of this teaching is to establish a devotional life in the life of each new believer.



2. Your decisions define you: People are taught that life is full of decisive moments, that there is a safe path and that good intentions are not enough, so it is important to make firm decisions to become genuine disciples of Jesus.



3. Nothing Less than the Best of God: In this class, people are taught the importance of not being afraid to ask GOD and to know what GOD's will is for His children, through the renewal of the mind.



4. A new beginning: This class is about the opportunity that people have to experience a new beginning. Baptism is a transition, a complete change, a total immersion. It is a genuine opportunity to start anew.


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The Post Encounter classes reaffirm the new believer in his Christian walk. Share them and use them to continue ministering the lives of people so they can continue in their walk with Christ!