What are the roles during an Encounter?

Each role is important because they define an environment of excellence. They make sure, from beginning to the end, that the objective is achieved, which is, that people have a genuine experience with the Lord

An Encounter must have:

1. A Spiritual Guide: Responsible for the development of the Encounter, receiving the rhema word and the direction of spiritual strategies and goals. This role should preferably be fulfilled by a pastor.

2. An Encounter Coordinator: This person is in charge of the logistical part of the Encounter, as well as the spiritual preparation of the Encounter guides. 
His responsibility is also to review each of the preachings that will be given during the Encounter and, through intercession and fasting, ensure a strong spiritual environment within the Encounter.

3. Guides: Responsible for preparing the people who are going to attend the Encounter and monitoring their spiritual state, supervising their devotionals, attending pre-encounter classes and clearing up doubts.

4. Attendees: People registered for the Encounter, who were prepared in the pre-encounter classes and who will have the most wonderful experience that a person can experience.

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Prepare yourself in the different roles of the Encounter. This will help you grow and receive authority and a new spiritual level!