What is a Re Encounter and what are its main objectives?

A Re Encounter is a time of impartation where people have the opportunity to be strengthened in their relationship with God and grow in their level of leadership.

The main objectives of a Re Encounter are:

What is a Re Encounter


1. Repentance in order to bring life to the leaders: In order to be a leader it is necessary to have a genuine repentance of committed mistakes made in the past. In that way a true leadership is born in the person.

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2. Receive a correct identity and inner healing: A leader must have a correct image of leadership and he should be able to minister inner healing to the people without still having any kind of pain in his emotions.

3. Understanding the power of the blood of Jesus: The blood of Jesus is the most powerful weapon to transform people’s lives. A leader should have full knowledge and understanding of the power that is in Jesus’ blood.

4. Respond to the call: Every leader must respond to and take responsibility for the call that he has received from the Lord.

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5. Receive the character of a leader: A leader must have a firm and mature character in order to exercise leadership of influence and impact others.

6. To be equipped to serve - Vision: When God calls a leader, the Lord equips him and gives him the necessary tools to exercise that call. The Vision is that tool that brings focus to a leader in order to fulfill the purpose of God in his life.

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7. Consecration: All leadership requires anointing, holiness and consecration. The Lord wants His servants, the leaders, to have a spiritual level of leadership with a fundamental basis of holiness and consecration.