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What is the character of the consolidator?

A true consolidator has a special character that allows the fruit to be withheld and shepherd in the right way.

What is the character

1. He is called: A consolidator understands that the fruit the lord has entrusted him must be looked after, cared for and withheld so he can give more and more fruit that way.

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2. He is a collaborator of God: The leader must understand that he develops the specific function of taking care of the souls that the lord rescued with his blood, and that each soul is precious for the lord.


3. He is a prayer person: The consolidator is a prayer person, he knows that in our secret place is where he conquers the strongest battles and it’s there where we will conquer and take the souls that the enemy doesn't want to release.


4. He is interested in the needs of the new believer: The consolidator pays attention to the needs of the souls, shows interest for their families, feels responsible for them, sets time apart to listen and give advice and in general tries to meet their needs.


5. He is a person with restoration anointing: The consolidator has deep compassion for people, he confesses their sin as it was his, begs for God’s favor and mercy for them and trusts completely in the restoration of their lives.

For the consolidation to be effective, it’s better to encourage each member of the cell group to practice it as a lifestyle.