What is the heart of discipleship?

The heart of the entire discipleship process is Destiny Training, because it is the only place that faithfully reproduces the Vision in the heart of every disciple. In addition, it equips them with the tools to make them successful leaders.

The Apostle Paul shows us his heart to form disciples. He knew successful discipleship is one which reproduces itself in several generations of leaders.

In the end, the real test of imparting correct discipleship is when discipled people have managed to multiply themselves in more disciples. 

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

2 Timothy 2:2

destinity training

To disciple a new believer you can teach them many things about the Word of God, virtues, disciplines, even send this new disciple to a Bible Institute. But in Destiny Training we have decided only to impart those essential teachings so that a new disciple can learn to have a solid relationship with God, a testimony according to the Word, to win souls and have a cell group.

All the rest of God’s counsel can be acquired later, but it is essential that every new disciple focus on serving God in that initial stage, and not get distracted with the large amount of knowledge available today in the Christian field.

This was Jesus’ style of discipleship - one focused on forming the character of the twelve. Discipleship based on example and most of all, discipleship where they could practice preaching, counselling, casting out demons early on, without having to wait for course validations or years and years of teaching in a synagogue. 

Destiny Training provides that opportunity of practising every simple teaching they receive and in that way, every new disciple lives the great experience of being used by God in evangelism, preaching and serving.

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Reproduce the Vision