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What is the origin of the G12 Vision?

The G12 Vision originates from the International Charismatic Mission under the cell group model of Dr. Paul Cho, but received and adopted its own profile from the hand of Pastor Cesar Castellanos based on the training of 12 people as Jesus did.


God called Pastor Cesar Castellanos, after pastoring small churches for nine years, to open the International Charismatic Mission in the living room of his home with 8 people on March 19, 1983

Six months after starting the church, he began to train disciples who could help in leading the cell groups, but the results were not as desired.

The Lord guided Pastor Cesar Castellanos to seek Him in prayer, because he knew that there had to be a mechanism to achieve the growth that he longed for.

It was at that moment when God gave him the revelation of the G12 Vision.
In that time of prayer, the Lord gave him a specific word:

“I will give you the ability to quickly train your people, and he asked: How many people did Jesus disciple? If you train twelve people and manage to reproduce the character of Christ in them, and if each one of them does the same with twelve others. And if you, in turn, do the same with twelve others, transmitting the same thing to each other, you and your church will experience unprecedented growth."

The biblical texts that speak of the contact that Jesus had with the crowds came to the mind of Pastor Castellanos, and he understood that this contact had been sporadic. One day he was with a certain group and the next day with a different one.

The only group that Jesus did not change was His group of twelve disciples. Thinking about these questions, the Lord removed a veil from his eyes and revealed why he needed to form 12 people.