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What is the Prayer of Three?

The Prayer of Three is a strategy that consists of three people praying for 30 days for the salvation of family or friends.

In the time of the prophet Daniel, King Darius published a law that prevented prayer for thirty days. Why? The enemy knows that if a person does not pray during that time, his spirit is weakened in such a way that it practically dies.

Similarly, persevering and focused prayer for thirty days can bring life.
The Prayer of Three is a strategy that God gave us so that salvation reaches more people and this strategy allows out cells groups to grow.

During this strategy we commit ourselves to pray daily for people who are not yet believers. In that way, the Lord will extend His mercy and give them life.

The Prayer of Three consists has some requirements:

1. Form a group of three people (you and two more), faithful believers, with whom you can pray.

They can be friends or disciples.

2. Each one should choose three people to specifically pray for (friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, etc.).

In total there will be a list of 9 people to pray for.



3. The group of three will be praying each day at the same time for the salvation of the 9 people on the list.

They can meet once a week to pray together.

The prayer should be focused on the salvation of these people.


4. Apart from prayer, each member of the group of 3 will have to contact the three people on their list as follows:

a. On day 11 they call the people to tell them that in the church they are doing a prayer campaign and ask if there is a specific need for which they want them to pray.

From this day on, the group should continue to pray for the salvation of each one, but also for the specific needs that were mentioned.


b. Seek to have personal contact with each person around the day 20.
It can be a house visit or going out to have a coffee together.



5. After the 30 days, you should take a step of faith and preach the gospel to each person. Invite them to the next church meeting.

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