What is the Pre-Encounter?

Pre-Encounter is the time of preparation before having the experience of encountering Jesus.


 ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him.

(Luke 3:4 NIV)

Luke chapter 3 tells us that the ministry of John the Baptist was preparing the hearts of the people of Israel for the moment in which Jesus would appear. It was like the work carried out by the servant of a king who would come to visit a province. This servant had to make the way and remove any obstacle that could cause the king's chariot to stumble. This is precisely the objective of the Pre-Encounter within the Life Class process. It prepares the hearts of those attending the Encounter, in order for the words received during the Encounter to produce fruit. 

Another way to illustrate the essence of the Pre-Encounter is through a surgery. At the moment of performing a surgery you have had a preparation for this delicate procedure. In the field of medicine this is known as Preoperation. This is preparing the patient for the different procedures that he will face.

The Pre-Encounter is the moment where the hearts of those who are going to attend the Encounter are prepared through 4 teachings. These teachings are given in a period of 4 weeks, normally by the Encounter Coordinator and the Encounter guides.

The work carried out by John the Baptist is the same as the work carried out by the Pre-Encounter team. One way or another it is to show the people, to a certain extent, what the Encounter will be like. Therefore it is very important that the teachings are well planned and anointed.

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Encourage your disciples to prepare themselves for the most wonderful experience in their lives: an Encounter with Jesus!