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Why is it so important to train leaders?

One of the greatest challenges a Pastor or leader might have is to know how to train the church members for them to become leaders, capable of transmitting Christ’s character to others.


"Leadership brings everything up or down"
John C. Maxwell

The Lord always understood the importance of leadership, that is why we find several references to this topic in the bible. Books such as 1 and 2 King, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 y 2 Chronicles, and even Judges give us amazing lessons about leadership by using the examples of some good but also some bad leaders too. All these stories were left in the scriptures as evidence of the impact of leadership over a nation, a city, and over the church. 

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.
(Judges 21:25; NIV)



The church's spiritual life and attitude depend on the leadership. John C. Maxwell said Leadership brings everything up or down. The reason why chaos is constant in the book of Judges is due to the absence of a good leader who might be an example to the people and to bring direction. 

That is why it is so key to train excellent leaders in the ministry. The darkest hours of the Israelites were the consequence of a bad leadership. In contrast, the times of greatest splendor in Israel were related to great leaders such as David or Salomon, leaders able to guide the country to conquest and excellence as nobody before or after them.

Jesus knew this, and because of it, most of his ministry was dedicated to training his disciples to become leaders solid as rocks upon which he could build the church (Matthew 16:18 NIV). 


And it will be: Like people, like priests.
(Hosea 4:9, NIV)

Some leaders have been intimidated by people in church who dislike getting completely involved in the ministry, thinking that focusing on training leaders could end up hurting the church. Nevertheless, the church influence reduces significantly, when leaders are not being trained.

The church multiplies according to the leadership quality.

It calls my attention that God sends people with a lot of potential to the churches, but some of them never get to develop their calling because of the lack of opportunities. Do you imagine what would have been of the church if Jesus had never trained a 12 team? Probably the church would have never existed.

Just as Jesus invested his time in training them, we should do the same with the people who are coming to our churches.

Be sure of this, if a person does not find a place to develop their leadership inside the church, most likely they will find it outside the church. 

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Put your focus on training leaders