What characteristics should a Winning coordinator have?

What characteristics should a Winning coordinator have?

1. A person who preferably has a call to evangelism.



En Efesios 4:11, Pablo dice: Y él mismo constituyó a unos, apóstoles; a otros, profetas; a otros, evangelistas; a otros, pastores y maestros. Es esencial que la persona que este a cargo del área del ganar en la iglesia, sea una persona con llamado de evangelista, es decir, alguien que ame estar con las personas y compartir de Jesús, porque confirme sea su pasión por los perdidos, así será lo que transmita al equipo que conforme para llevar tan importante labor.


2. Someone who serves diligently



En Proverbios 22:29, Salomón dice: ¿Has visto un hombre diestro en su trabajo? Estará delante de los reyes; no estará delante de hombres sin importancia. Es imprescindible que el coordinador de ganar sea una persona diligente porque se le está confiando lo más precioso que Dios tiene, sus almas. Estas almas necesitan cuidado, paciencia y por sobre todo alguien que este pendiente de ellas. Una persona negligente no podrá desempeñar esta labor tan relevante. 


3. A person known by his compassion towards the lost.


Luke 10:25-37 shares the parable of the Good Samaritan, which Jesus told with the purpose of calling our attention to the tendency we have to be indifferent. A Win Coordinator needs to be someone compassionate, who hurts for others´ situations and sets out to do something about it. The motives for this kind of work need to be love and compassion, it can never be competition or pride. 


4. Someone who knows the principles of evangelism and has a clear view on the Great Commission.



In Acts 8:26-39, we can see that Philip was someone who really knew the principles of evangelism and the Great Commission. Philip evangelized the Ethiopian man in the right way and obtained a very positive result. Every coordinator needs to undergo preparation and keep an eye out for the best ways to reach people who don´t know Jesus yet.


5. A leader committed and faithful to the Vision.


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6. Someone full of faith and vision when looking at the challenges and goals ahead.



7. A person who has a good testimony.



8. Someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit.



9. Someone who is loving and patient.



10. Someone who loves to study the Word of God.


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